DriveClub: YouTube 1080p vs Sony Official Video Comparison Screen Show Startling Graphics Differences


Yesterday, Sony launched official DriveClub 1080p gameplay footage website showcasing all previous DriveClub gameplay videos in glorious 1080p. So what exactly are the graphics/visuals difference between the DriveClub gameplay footage on YouTube against videos on official Sony’s website?

DriveClubCheck out the comparison screenshot below, there are startling differences. This is why we should never trust YouTube to show particular game’s graphics. Top Image in comparison screen is an “Uncompressed Video” and bottom is “Compressed Streaming Video at 1080p”.

DriveClub Comparison Screen

There are significant differences, for example: Take a look at the spoiler on the back of the car, or the painted lines on the road and also look at the texture of the lines and road right at the bottom of the screen. If you still can’t find the differences here is an animated GIF. This is give you a better picture.

DriveClub Comparison GIF

Now tell us in the comment section below what do you guys have to say about this comparison.