Dungeon Bandits Event Winners Revealed

PlayEnvy, publisher of Massively Multiplayer Online Game Dungeon Bandits, has revealed the winner of its recent St. Patrick’s Day Event that was held March 17. Players, with characters decked out in green attire, battled it out against the GMs in hopes of getting their hands on one of the special premium characters available in Dungeon Bandits. Irish Luck was with Dungeon Bandits player, Ramsestom, and will receive one premium character of his choice. Special thanks are being given to all participant of the Event, it was quite entertaining (Watch a Recap of the Event Here). For those that were not fortunate enough to come away with the prize, the next event is already being prepared. The weekly Friday Night Fights give players another chance to come away with some great loot. Here are the details of the event:

  • Event Type: Tournament
  • There will be initial games of 4vs4
  • You may enter a team, but it can only consist of 2 people.
  • After the first 4vs4(s), the winning side(s), will then be split into another match. (Winners vs Winner)
  • Once we have only 4 players left they will be put into a 2vs2 match.
  • The winner of this 2vs2 will be named champions of the week.

The amount of initial games set up will depend on the amount of players wishing to take part.