Dungeon Defenders Dev Explains Why Dungeon Defenders 2 Is Console Exclusively To PS4, Playable Build Available At PSX

Trendy Entertainment has announced that the next installment in Dungeon Defenders franchise, Dungeon Defenders II will launch exclusively for the console PlayStation 4. The announcement was made by Dungeon Defenders Community Manager Josh Isom.

Dungeon Defenders 2

Josh stated that Trendy Entertainment has partnered with Sony to bring Dungeon Defenders II to PlayStation 4. In a post on the Dungeon Defenders II Blog, Josh said:

“Hey all! We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Sony to bring Dungeon Defenders II exclusively to the PlayStation 4! In fact, you’ll be able to play the game tomorrow on PS4 at the PlayStation Experience. If you’re going, be sure to stop by Sony’s booth to say hi. We’ll have various people at their booth all day showing off the game.”

He further added: “Stay tuned to our blog for more details on the PS4 version in the future. We still have a ton of work to do, but we’re excited to finally be bringing Dungeon Defenders back to a console. We’ve just completed our first controller pass (it needs a bunch of work!) and are exciting to dig into some other features, like local co-op and a controller-based UI. And yes, all of those features will also be coming to the PC version!”

This means another snub to Xbox Community especially a second snub to Xbox One owners after yesterday’s meagaton “Super Street Fighter V exclusive to PS4 and PC” announcement.