Dutch Store Accepting GTA V PC Pre-orders, Famous Petiton Cross 350K Signatures

GTA V screenshot 5

A retail store in Netherlands (Dutch) is already accepting pre-orders for yet to be announced “PC Port” of Grand Theft Auto V. Not only this, the listing states that PC port of GTA V will launch in 2014.

GTA VThis is not the first time a retailer listing of GTA V for PC has been discovered. Rockstar Games has not yet officially announced GTA V for PC as they are currently concentrating consoles version of the game.

You can check out the snapshot of the listing below.

GTA V PC pre-order at Dutch Store

In another news related to GTA V PC version, the infamous petiton has cross “350,000 signatures” mark. At the time of writing this, the petition has received 361,231 signatures.

Just for the funny side, here is the most hilarious GIF on entire GTA V for PC Drama, check out the GIF HERE, i am sure you guys won’t stop laughing.