DX12 will benefit Xbox One, resolution-gate issue will be resolved, games will run at 1080p with more details says Wardell

According to Stardock founder and CEO Brad Wardell, DirectX12 will solve all issues related to resolution-gate on Xbox One, and developers will be able to run higher resolution and with much more details.

Xbox OneWardell first wrote on Twitter: “One way to look at the XBox One with DirectX 11 is it has 8 cores but only 1 of them does dx work. With dx12, all 8 do.”

When one Twitter user enquired that Xbox One is already capable of doing these things, but Wardell replied that this isn’t exactly the case.

“I’m sorry but you’re totally wrong on that front, XBO is very low on overhead. Overhead is not the problem. It is that the XBO isn’t splitting DX tasks across the 8 cores.”

When asked to comment on exactly how DirectX12 will benefit Xbox One games, Wardell replied: “I think it’ll make it easier to have games run at higher resolution and have more objects on screen at once.”

How true these bold claims of Wardell only time will tell, and for current time resolution-gate is the indeed a major factor in next-gen consoles war between PS4 and Xbox One.

DirectX12 will launch in Holiday Season 2015.