Dying Light: Bad Blood is a new standalone expansion that adds PvP elements


Developer Techland is bringing a new PvP mode to zombie apocalypse simulator Dying Light in the form of a standalone expansion called Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood implements both competitive PvP and PvE elements to the base game, thanks to a few dedicated fans clamoring for those additions. To that end, Bad Blood will focus on sufficiently “violent” and “dynamic” matchups with two teams of six contesting a zombie-infested area. 

Players must evacuate the area before night comes, when the zombies are at their absolute worst. Weapons and equipment will be scattered throughout the map that all participants will have to get their hands on if they want to make any progress. 

The key out of the level is via the extraction chopper. To make it out alive, players have to take their own sets of blood samples from the infected, which can be gathered on their own from zombies or stolen from enemies and allies. This means there’s an element of surprise that should take a potentially run-of-the-mill multiplayer experience and turn it into an awesome one. 

If you’re interested in trying out the beta on PC, you can check it out via the Techland site and register for the closed Global Playtest. The official expansion will release in 2018.