Dying Light’s DLC The Following Is Now More Expensive, Season Pass Price Increasing Too

Techland has announced The Following, Dying Light’s first and supposedly sole expansion, will be more expensive than the expected. The DLC will in fact arrive on the market at the price of £15,99, while the original price tag was of £9,99 ($14,99). £15,99 was also the price of the entire Season Pass, which will now cost £23,99 as the result of this change in The Following’s cost on digital stores.

Dying Light: The Following

The Season Pass’ change in price won’t be effective until December 8, by the way, so you still have two weeks to get it at the original price and save some bucks. The Polish developer said the add-on would be worth an entire game or at least a standalone release, although there’s not much time left to prepare such a thing now.

I gave the DLC a try at Gamescom 2015 and it is actually worth this money, since it introduces new areas and playstyle due to the arrive of dune buggies. Anyway, we don’t still have a release date and it won’t be coming before 2016, even though the developer is in the polishing phase so we won’t have to wait much more, it seems.