E3 2014 Rumor: Microsoft’s Big Third Party Xbox One Exclusive Is Not Resident Evil 7 says Insider


Earlier today, Industry Insider Ahsan Rasheed aka Thuway revealed that Microsoft has secure exclusivity deal for one big Third Party for Xbox One and an announcement in this regard will arrive at E3 2014.

Resident Evil 7Just a few moments ago, Thuway has clarfied that this third party title is not the next installment in Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7.

Thuway first stated:

“I expect two bombshells at MS’s conference, and one at Sony’s. Atleast that’s what I’m hearing on the exclusive’s end.”

And later on clarified:

“Technically, the other bombshells have been announced. Xbox One $399, Halo Guardians + Halo Journey. They got two others.

When asked whether this third party exclusive title is Resident Evil 7? Thuway replied:

“No, not Resident Evil.”

Thuway also stated the details coming out from Judge’s week hints nothing special from Sony at E3 2014.

“Sony’s E3 we’ve heard close to nothing about. Judge’s week also didn’t indicate anything special coming from Sony” tweeted Thuway.

For those who are unaware of: ‘Judge’s week’ is essentially an exclusive event where a few game journalists get to see the biggest titles of E3 in advance.

So there you have it folks, don’t get your hope too high.

In another news, Thuway revealed that the most talked about Playstation 4 performance boost from Team ICE will be about GPGPU rendering but it won’t be announced at E3 2014. Read our coverage on that: Team ICE PS4 Performance Boost Will Focus on GPGPU Rendering, Won’t Be Announced at E3 2014