E3 2016 Xbox Rumors: Halo Wars 2 Beta, Rare Come Back, Forza Horizon 3 In Australia, Zombie MMO and More


It’s E3 time, baby. Almost. So it’s pre-E3 rumors time. And 2016 edition is not lacking rumors at all, the first regarding not only PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio but games themselves, too. According to a Reddit user, who has exploited Xbox API, there’s a lot to be talked about during Microsoft’s media briefing to be held on June 13.

Xbox One Showing At E3 2016

First rumors include:

  • Rare is working on a new Battletoads (maybe just the Rare name though like at the Killer Instinct reveal trailer, game could also co-developed by another studio)
  • Sea of Thieves won’t be a straight MMO, more like The Division/Destiny, seems like MS will give this game a huge focus, cross-play, cross-buy
  • FH3 set in Australia
  • General RAAM for Killer Instinct
  • Something Age of Empires (still not sure what exactly, prob new game)
  • Halo Wars 2 Beta is a thing, no cross-play mentioned
  • Zombie online game by MS, prob new State of Decay, could also be Dead Rising
  • Anniversary update will gets its own landing page on Xbox.com with the major features listed, prob “available now” at E3 for preview

Other updates feature:

  • No relevant Banjo-Kazooie tags or connections, only older ones obviously.
  • References for mouse and keyboard Support found
  • I’m almost sure now on the new AoE game. Castle Siege has a different ID everywhere I found references.
  • There is a chance the zombie game is just DayZ. The exact title isn’t listed (only genre tags etc) which is why I can’t know it for sure.
  • Halo Wars 2 has tons of recent play session logs which lead me to the impression the Beta could be close.
  • Same for Crackdown 3.
  • Nothing for Crimson Skies, Project Gotham Racing, Jade Empire, Midtown Madness. Sry.

There are tons of Conker tags everywhere. The problem is: I can’t find all of the connected IDs. We have Conker in Rare Replay, Young Conker by Asobo, Project Spark Conker. There is a chance there is also another Conker thing hidden here somewhere, but it’s really difficult to find the correct ID. So I will just say: tons of Conker things. Doesn’t have to mean anything, could be though.