E3 2017 Xbox Media Briefing On June 11 (Sunday) At 2 PM, Project Scorpio Appearance Confirmed


Microsoft has announced the date and time of E3 2017 Xbox Media Briefing. It will take place on June 11 (Sunday) at 2 PM P.T. The announcement came via official Xbox Twitter, which tweeted the date and time with a text message: “Brace for big news”. You guys can check out the tweet below.

Xbox E3 2017 Media Brieing

There is a picture of Project Scorpio, a clear hint from Microsoft that they will share a lot of details about their new next-gen console. On the internet there are a lot of rumor and speculation related to the Specs of Project Scorpio, but what we officially know from Microsoft is that the console will aim for native 4K resolution and all Xbox One games will be compatible with it.

What else can we expect to hear from Microsoft at E3 2017? first party games such as Crackdown 3, the next game in Forza Motorsport series, Sea of Thieves, are almost confirmed to make an appearance at the event. E3 is not a small event so expect to some of biggest announcements from Microsoft at this year’s event. I am expecting a $399 price point for Scorpio, what are your expectations from Microsoft for E3 2017? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.