EA Access To Limit Unravel’s 10-Hour Trial To The First Two Levels

For the first time ever, Electronic Arts is setting a limit to the games offered via its Trial program in the EA Access subscription based service. The service usually offers the chance to download the complete games and ten hours to spend with them, without any limitations about the progresses you can take in doing so.


This time around, it is going to be different and the first game to act like this is Unravel. The title, a cute 3D platformer, is set to give people a try only of the first two levels as part of the free trial EA Access’ offer.

This means two things: first, Unravel could possibly be less than 10-hour long; second, players will be able to play, if they want to, without any limits and anytime they want in the range of the 10 hours trial, the first two levels of Unravel, which include the opening.

Another good thing in that is you can carry the game saves to the complete version of Unravel when it releases on February 9, since the EA Access version is the same you will get to buy and download on day one. EA Access will make the game available five days earlier, on February 4, exclusively on Xbox One.