EA is acquiring Titanfall studio Respawn Entertainment


Electronic Arts has gone ahead with the acquisition of Respawn Entertainment, the studio responsible for the Titanfall franchise, in a deal worth over $400 million. 

EA recently made headlines after shutting down Visceral Games, the studio that brought us the Dead Space games. It’’s a bit strange that EA has already moved forward to purchase Respawn, the studio co-founded by former Infinity Ward heads as well as their Call of Duty brethren. 

EA wasn’’t the only company interested in the deal initially. Korean publisher Nexon, who Respawn already works with on the mobile Titanfall gaming series, had already made an offer to purchase the company. EA ended up stepping in to outbid Nexon. Going forward, the publisher will own the rights to all of Respawn’s IPs as well as new creations in the future, and it will be joining EA’’s Worldwide Studios organization. 

Respawn received $151 million in cash as well as $164 million in stock options as well as $140 to be paid out at certain performance-related milestones, including the creation and completion of new titles coming down the road. 

Currently, Respawn is working on the third installment of the Titanfall series as well as a virtual reality title planned for Oculus Rift. It should be intriguing to see what becomes of the company with this new acquisition, especially with the massive new cash injection.