EA Canada Fixes Slider Bug in NHL 18 HUT


After taking a break from HUT for a year or two, I was pleased to see that many offline and co-op modes were introduced in NHL 18. I was even more excited to see that changing the gameplay sliders in your settings would allow you to steamroll the AI in these offline modes, even on Superstar difficulty. This made completing the challenges in these modes a breeze. Unfortunately, you could earn Coins, packs, and players in this mode, which you could then take online to compete. EA Canada wasn’t having it, and just recently patched this slider bug out.

R.I.P. Sliders

NHL 18 Slider Bug

The NHL 18 Hockey Ultimate Team community lives primarily on the subreddit. If you want to learn about the mode in any way, that’s where you do it. It’s also where you go to have a laugh and share each other’s pain when EA Canada ruins your fun, even if they were right to do so.

In a genius post, poleman14 shared an image of sliders on a tombstone, with R.I.P. and the dates that the gameplay slider glitch was in play. It took myself (and others) longer than we’d like to admit to figure out what OP was saying.

Again, it’s tough for me to argue with EA Canada patching this one out. After all, I managed to pull a Joe Sakic Legend out of a pack earned while playing offline, and even had a gameplay slider pre-set called “Cheating”, that I could turn on and off depending on the mode I was in.

Good on EA Canada for fixing this, even though it hurts some of us dearly to see the slider bug gone. Hopefully the game will continue to see updates that aim to whip it into better shape, as our NHL 18 PS4 review noted some issues that need to be addressed.