EA Is Not Disappointed About Titanfall 2’s Sales, “It’s About The Long Run”, says CFO

Speaking at UBS conference in San Francisco, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has provided his comment about Titanfall 2 weak debut in terms of sales in late October. Something we’ve seen coming for a long time, since the game was releasing one week after Battlefield 1 and one week before Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Titanfall 2 - EA Shares Their Views on Low Sales

“We remind people we’re building a franchise with Titanfall, so it’s not about the first day of sales or the first week of sales, it’s about the long run,” he said, expressing somehow Electronic Arts’ satisfaction for Titanfall 2’s sales, despite them being highly unsatisfying.

“We’ll do a lot of things with Titanfall to continue to build engagement. We’re going to give away a substantial amount of free extra digital content going into next year. And really build the franchise around people and engaging with the title. Because everyone who has played it just loves it.”

Hopefully Titanfall 2 will receive a better post launch support, and ultimately a third game should be released with a better and more mindful timing.