EA lied to Press and SimCity fans, Possible to Play Offline for Indefinite Time

Electronic Arts and Maxis has stated to press and SimCity fans that the game is not playable offline and its a hectic task for development to make it work offline as it needs redesigning the whole game from scratch.

SimCityBut according to details discovered by modders, in SimCity source code Maxis has added a line of code which forces player to shutdown SimCity if it’s not connected to Maxis server.

The code features a timer which is set at 20 minutes, if removed players will be able to play SimCity offline for indefinite time period.

Here are the two line of code in question. You can check out full SimCity Source Code HERE.

  • kNoRepeatNetworkAlertSeconds : 15,
  • kNetDownForceQuitAfterMinutes : 20,

Source : NeoGaf