EA: No New Content Updates For Star Wars Battlefront


Electronic Arts have made it pretty clear on Twitter that they have no plan to add more new content to Star Wars Battlefront. In a recent Q&A session with a fan on Twitter, EA was asked: “any skirmish ai bots update? please?”, and to this, they replied: “there are currently no plan to add any new content updates to Star Wars Battlefront.”

Star Wars Battlefront

Should we take this as a confirmation that DICE has told Electronic Arts to move on and start working on the sequel to the game? So folks if you were expecting to play a new free map or mode in Star Wars Battlefront, prepare to get yourself disappointed as Electronic Arts have made it clear that it is not going to happen.

Star Wars Battlefront received mixed response from critics and fans due to its lackluster gameplay and no single-player mode. DICE did make some big improvements to the gameplay via post-launch patch and releasing DLC content based on the feedbacks of the fans.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is already in development at DICE. It will be set in a multiple Star Wars Eras, will have a single-player campaign, and no Battlefield’s Conquest Mode, according to the details revealed by a developer.

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