EA’s response to Star Wars: Battlefront II pay-to-win concerns is now Reddit’s most downvoted post in history


Star Wars: Battlefront II will be released this Friday, but the game’s publisher, Electronic Arts, has already set a record—albeit a very dubious one.

With concerns lingering about the game being “pay-to-win” in certain aspects, a reply from EA’s official community team to a thread on Reddit has become the most downvoted post in the website’s history, and the number keeps on climbing.

As of this afternoon, the post has been downvoted over 370,000 times. That would put EA in a huge lead over the next-most downvoted post, in which the poster literally asked for people to downvote them, according to subreddit r/ListOfComments.

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The vitriol stems from recent revelations about Battlefront II, where heroes like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker must be purchased using in-game credits. Their exorbitant prices mean players must either play a ton of hours to unlock them (around 40 hours if players average 250 credits per game of Galactic Assault), or just buy them using microtransactions.

“The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes,” said EACommunityTeam on Reddit—and the downvotes began to pour in. The thread has since been locked due to harassment and spamming, but the damage might already be done.

Numerous users replied to EA’s post claiming that they would be canceling their pre-orders and not be playing Battlefront II. The game became available last week through EA’s Access program, with a 10-hour trial given to those who pay the $5 monthly fee.