EA SPORTS Soccer Online for Free Download

Electronic Arts a well known developer in the game development field, announce today a soccer game EA SPORTS SOCCER ONLINE for online gamers free of cost. EA SPORTS SOCCER ONLINE will be available for soccer fan to download free of cost. The main intention behind the release of EA SPORTS SOCCER ONLINE free download is to get feed back from online gamer which can be implemented in the beta version which release in June 2010 in Europe.

For EA SPORTS SOCCER ONLINE free download gamers has to wait a while as it is launch all round the world in various different stages and language. EA SPORTS SOCCER ONLINE free download (English Version) will be there to download in the month of June, 2010, and EA SPORTS SOCCER ONLINE free download in various different language will be ready for gamers to download over the next one or two year.

In first stage of closed beta of EA SPORTS SOCCER ONLINE which will be available on February 3, players get a chance to play in the FIFA world Cup 2010 in South Africa before it kicks off in 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa tournament mode, where all the controlling will be done with the help of mouse, and in second stage of closed beta, gamers play and manages soccer club of their choice along with features playing online matches.
Executive Producer Kaz Makita said that the success of their earlier Soccers games was because of fans so now they are planing to get the involvement of these fans in development of the next soccer game. The next soccer game will have features suggested by the fans and our main goal will be to implemented it in the next soccer game.

So you can say that, EA SPORTS FIFA Online free download will be first kind of game, For the people and By the people. For more information on EA SPORTS FIFA Online free Download and registering yourself for playing in the closed beta click here.