EA offers another explanation on why Visceral’s Star Wars game was canceled


You may remember a great-looking clip of a Star Wars action game that EA’s Visceral studios was hard at work on for a while before Visceral Games was shuttered and the project canceled along with it. 

This happened a few weeks ago, with Visceral shut down and the Star Wars game cut down before it could launch. Fans have been talking amongst themselves about why EA made the decision to cease development on the game, and the latest explanation comes in the form of comments made during a talk at the Credit Suisse Technology, Media & Telecom conference. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke briefly about why the decision was made in the first place. 

Jorgensen said that as the company “kept reviewing” the game, it looked like a “much more linear game” that EA surmised people “don’t like as much today as they did five years ago or ten years ago.” He explained that the game was looking to do some interesting and ambitious things, but ultimately the its road map just didn’t seem like a financially viable project for the future. Thus, the project was canceled. 

“It was an economic decision at the end of the day,” Jorgensen said.

While some linear games have indeed lost their luster over the last few years, it’s unfair to say that these games simply can’t find success. Games like Persona 5 and Resident Evil 7 this year alone were smash hits, and in an industry overcrowded with open-world titles as it is, players still want some variety. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a sentiment EA agrees with, though the decision likely would have come down to monetary concerns any way you slice it.