EA Starts ‘Gun Club’ For Loyal Fans

If you are the fans of EA shooting game titles and you have been a loyal EA customer than this one is for you. A new program for all the shooting game fans of EA Sports called a Gun Club is announce which will have the same objective that EA Sports Online Pass had. Members of this Gun Club will have and exclusive access to all the beta test, in-game content as well as news.

Katrina Strafford, Senior Director of Online Marketing said, “Today, we’re unveiling Gun Club, a rewards program specifically designed for gamers”, he further added, “Gun Club rewards gamers for playing their favorite EA games, games like ‘Battlefield,’ ‘Dead Space,’ ‘Medal of Honor’ and others. Gun Club members receive early access to news, events and more of what they really love”.

This EA plan of Gun Club will be getting started with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 offerings, more details about the terms and condition about the Gun Club plan are available at GunClub.EA.com.