Early Watch Dogs Review says “Almost Perfect, Accomplished All Hopes, New Take On Open World Games, Must Buy”

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is just few hours away from official launch. If you are still not sure whether or not to buy this, much hyped new IP from Ubisoft, here are few early reviews of the game to help you out in decision making.

The early review of Watch Dogs sounds pretty interesting: “Must Buy, Fantastic Start To Exciting Series”.

Here are the impressions from some early Watch Dogs Reviews:

Watch Dogs Review

Jeux Video Magazine: Overall Score 19/20

Watch_Dogs accomplished all the hopes placed on it and delivers a successful new take on open world games. Almost perfect, but with a slight disappointment on the story.

The Good:

  • Gameplay and level design
  • ​The life in Chicago
  • Generous content

The Bad:

  • The scenario. Meh!
  • The first loading
  • That’s all!

CeX: Overall Score 5/5

Overall Watch Dogs is a fantastic start to an exciting franchise. From it’s beautifully designed city that is a true joy to simply stroll around, to the epic hacking gameplay mechanic put in place, Watch Dogs has delivered on the promises it made during E3 2012. While the game isn’t earth shattering, it’s something that you’ll end up pouring hours upon hours into.

Whether it’s reading the profiles of the countless inhabitants of Chicago, stopping crimes before they happen, jerking around with traffic lights, stealing money right from someone’s bank account, or cruising through the many city districts on offer, Watch Dogs is your home for the next few months. Watch Dogs delivers on high expectations and gets a 5/5.

T4Mag: Overall Score 9.5/10

Watch Dogs is a game that offers more in a package than it’s worth. With a single-player campaign running anywhere between 30-35 hours, an array of mini-games and a fully integrated multiplayer, this game has some serious teeth that will be a hot contender for Game of the Year 2014. If you’re a gamer, you will be hard-pressed to find a better value than what Watch Dogs has to offer. Bear in mind though that the game shares many parallels with GTA 5 and similarities between them both will be hard to ignore. But, given the fact that the combat mechanic and hacking in Watch Dogs is a step above GTA 5, we wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Ubisoft has a winner on their hands.


  • Amazing gameplay and graphics
  • Characters seem to have unique personalities
  • Variety of dialogues that don’t get old
  • Deep narrative and skill system


  • NPCs can sometimes be stupid
  • No pleasure in hunting for fast cars

Gameblog: Overall Score 4/5 – Very Good – ‘Must-have’ label

Does Watch Dogs fulfill its contract, i.e. offering a true open-world game with interesting gameplay centered on hacking, all inside a huge, hyper-connected city? Yes, undeniably. An excellent first draft in this genre where GTA reigns, the Ubisoft title even competes with it in a beautiful way, by intelligently standing out thanks to an original approach. So, a very good game, even if it’s not as technically impressive as its initial public reveal and despite a few flaws regarding the artificial intelligence of the enemies, a scenario we wish was more engaging, or a repetitive aspect fo rthe rougher players who’ll rather use weapons instead of the numerous subtleties of hacking. Anyway, with its gargantuan content and a limited yet original online play, Watch Dogs imposes itself as a must-have on the PS4.

The Good:

  • The density and content of Chicago
  • Online play in the solo campaign
  • The progression in Aiden’s skills
  • The fine blend of hacking, infiltration and action
  • Original online play…

The Bad:

  • …but not deep enough
  • Lackluster scenario
  • Underdeveloped enemy AI
  • Music and sounds are somewhat generic
  • Playing rough sometimes seems to pay better than infiltration and hacking
  • Aiden and his lack of charisma

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