Enemies In Days Gone Are Called “Freakers”, “They’re Are Alive And Trying To Survive”

Sony Bend’s Days Gone was one of the biggest showings of Sony’s E3 2016 press conference. At the event, Sony’s Shawn Layden gave Days Gone a special preference as it was allowed to end the show and it did without disappointing PlayStation fans. The Days Gone gameplay sequence that was showcased at the end of Sony’s conference was stunning and had many heart-pumping moments.

Days Gone

Now that all the excitement level surrounding E3 2016 and games that were showcased has died down, it’s time to re-think about when exactly are we going to play games like Days Gone. Sony Bend’s Darren Yager has made it clear that it will be a while before PlayStation 4 gamers get their hands of Days Gone as it is still in very early stage of development.

Speaking to our friend at Venture Beat, Yager said: “We’re still early in development, but right now, this is something like our worst case scenario. We’re still adjusting a number of guys and their alertness and things like that.”

When asked whether Sony Bend has given any specific name to the zombies/enemies that we say in Days Gone (like Naughty Dog called them CLICKERS in The Last of Us)? Sony Bend’s Ron Allen replied that those enemies that you saw in the demo (they were chasing the lead protagonist) are internally called “Freakers” and they are different from the zombies that we have seen so far in other survival horror games.

“Our guys are actually alive. They’re ‘Freakers.’ That’s what we’re calling them. This game is set two years after a pandemic wiped out most of the population and turned most of the rest of humanity feral. In a weird way, they’re trying to do everything you’re doing. They’re trying to survive. You can come upon areas in the game where they’re just looking for water to drink. They’re trying to stay alive,” Allen said.

If you are among one of those unlucky ones who missed out on Days Gone PlayStation 4 Gameplay showing then watch it below now.

In the same interview, Sony Bend talked about how in Days Gone the bike is going to be play HUGE HUGE role, and resource management is also going to be big thing, read our coverage on it: Days Gone Is “Unique”, Introducing Bike And Resource Management Control: Bend Studio