Enslaved 2 is quite possible – Ninja Theory

Enslaved looking in good shape to hit the sales chart, is quite near to release fully. The chances for title to top is good.

Enslaved screenshot

Just like that, a possible continuation is hinted by as Ninja Theory Boss Tameem Antoniades in an interview:

We’ll let the game come out, we’ll see how it does. If it does OK, if it actually looks like it’s got legs, we’ll start thinking about what’s next. The thinking from the beginning was not to assume there would be a sequel, just to put everything into this game. It’s a new IP so let’s not plan for a sequel because the chances are we’ll only disappoint ourselves. So we mentally prepared for that – we’ve not planned for a sequel. But if it gains some traction, I’d like to see something happen.

We’ve also announced a new project that I can’t say too much about, Devil May Cry, and we’ve moved some team members over to that.

The next Ninja Theory project developed for Capcom, namely DMC Devil May Cry would not stop the studio from a sequel to Enslaved.