Epic GTA V Video Ever: 5 Star Police Chase, “Survive or Get Busted”

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GTA V Vinewood Artwork

This is by far the most Epic Grand Theft Auto V video ever. A well-known YouTube user “clayman90” has just uploaded a new GTA V gameplay footage showcasing a “5-Star” Police Chase.

Before the start of the chase, Clayman90 was on a rampage as he first blows up a Gas Station and then destroy few police cars and then take blow up a chopper.

Immediately after this mayhem, Clayman90 chase for survival with 5 Start Wanted level begins but he still continues to blow up thing on his path to survival.

Here is what Clayman90 says: “Nothing cooler than blowing up a gas station on a Sunday morning and´╗┐ enjoying the sunrise while beeing chased by the police”

Take a look at the footage below, do you have anything to say to Clayman90? share it with us in the comment section below.