ESRB Rating Reveals Far Cry Primal Is Sexually Explicit And Violent As Usual

 ESRB Rating Reveals Far Cry Primal Is Sexually Explicit And Violent As Usual

Far Cry has always been a crude series, where you always knew you were about to see something macabre that would have hurt your eyes and often feelings… especially with the third and fourth games in the numbered series. Far Cry Primal doesn’t look like it’s going to be different from that perspective.

Far Cry Primal

According to the ESRB rating, in fact, the game has the players watching at “a character being held in a fire while screaming” and “use arrows, spears and clubs to kill enemies in frenetic combat”. “Some sequences require stealth kills in which enemies are stabbed in the head or slashed close-up” and “some scenes depict corpses in various states of mutilation: heads and torsos on spikes; ears cut off and kept as trophies; headless bodies lying in pools of blood”.

Moreover, “certain scenes or camera angles can depict male genitalia under garments or in shadows; some female characters are depicted topless. A handful of scenes depict characters engadged in sexual activity while clothed; grunts and short moans can be heard, though no explicit details are seen”.

So, as you can see, the tradition of violent and sexually explicit Far Cry games keeps living through the new Primal adventure, where the players assume the role of Takkar, a nomadic hunter trying “to reestablish his tribe”, with combat (and stealth as well) against other tribes and animals of various sizes.

The upcoming Ubisoft Montreal title is coming next February for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.