European Playstation Plus Content For June 2014 Leaked?


Its seems like free games for Playstation Plus subscribers for the month of June 2014 has been leaked. As per the details in the image below, Playstation 4 with Playstation Plus subscribers will get Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate.

Playstation 3 owners will get NBA 2K14 and Lone Survivor and Playstation Vita owners will be able to enjoy Dragon Crown. The image below showcase the content and just appeared on Polish Playstation Store. According to recent tweet from Playstation Germany, it seems like the official announcement regarding to it will arrive tomorrow.

“The contents of # PSplus in June will be announced tomorrow. @ deppio123” reads a tweet from Playstation Germany Twitter account.

Free Games For Playstation Plus Subscribers For June 2014

Another indie title as free game for PlayStation 4 owners, it seems like when Sony said they’re investing heavily in indie devs this generation, this is what they mean?

For those who are shouting that PS Vita owners suppose to get two games for free, Shooter Ultimate appears to be a Cross Play.

Tell us in comments below, are you guys excited about June 2014 line-up of Playstation Plus content?