EVE Online Developer Shuts Down VR Offices, Lays Off Nearly 100 Employees


Massively multiplayer online RPG EVE Online has a legendary history, influencing MMORPGs worldwide with its advanced economic simulations and global, intergalactic diplomatic intrigue. But the game’s developer, CCP Games, may be going through some financial difficulties. CCP is shutting down the company’s VR offices and laying off nearly 100 employees.

According to PCGamer, CCP is restructuring its company by closing CCP Newcastle and CCP Atlanta, resulting in almost 100 employees losing their jobs with the company. CCP Games’ CEO announced in a press release that the company will “continue to support” its VR games, but will “not be making material VR investments” until VR’s market opportunities grow.

“Despite the success of the VR games we have released we will be shifting our focus to our PC and mobile initiatives, and will be centralizing those initiatives, along with the support of our existing VR games, to our offices in Reykjavík and London,” CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson said, PCGamer reports.

CCP Newcastle worked on EVE: Valkyrie, a VR flight game where players combat one another using the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, or HTC Vive. Meanwhile, CCP Atlanta worked on additional VR projects outside the EVE universe.

As for CCP Games’ flagship title, according to a post by EVE community manager Paul Elsy, it seems EVE Online’s development won’t be affected by the changes. In fact, Elsy told fans CCP Games is mostly focusing on EVE Online for the time being.

“With regards to EVE, it’s kind of bittersweet that this puts us in a more solid position going forward, as a lot more focus is back on EVE Online, its services and all the technology and support around it,” Elsy explained in a forum post.

Polygon reports that CCP Atlanta will close in the coming weeks, with CCP Newcastle being sold off. And while CCP’s CEO thinks VR needs time to develop, he’s still behind the technology’s power.

“We have been front and center in the second wave of VR,” Pétursson said to Polygon. “Our belief in the long-term transformative power of the technology remains strong.”

H/T PCGamer