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Bethesda Teases "New Games And New Projects" Reveals At E3 2018

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Bethesda E3 2018 Showcase

Bethesda's marketing VP Pete Hines has suggested the developer and publisher has a "healthy number of new games and new projects" to reveal at E3 2018 in June, where it'll host its usual press conference.

Kojima Congrats del Toro For The Academy Awards, He Sends A Selfie With MGS Movie Director

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Del Toro - All Oscar 2018 Wins

Del Toro took a lot of awards at Oscar 2018, and Hideo Kojima was very happy for him. Via Twitter, Kojima congratulated Del Toro on his win at Oscar 2018. In return, Del Toro sends a selfie of himself with Metal Gear Solid movie director.

SCDKey Christmas Offers 2017: Gift Yourself Free Games or Coupon Codes

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SCDKey Christmas 2017 Activity Offers

SCDKey is back with a new promotion called SCDKey Christmas Activity 2017. Under this new promotion, SCDKey is offering a chance to get recently released AAA games for free of cost.

SCDKey Super Random Key Deals: Top 5 Deals on AAA Games

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SCDKey Super Random Key Promotion

SCDKey Super Random Key deals are live - here's our list of Top 5 deals on AAA games that you should not miss at all.

ESPN Asks Pro Gamer to Change Skin Tight Revealing Outfit of SF5 Cammy

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Street Fighter V Cammy ESPN Controversy

ESPN At EVO 2017 asks Pro Gamer Kazunoko, to change Street Fighter V's character Cammy's costume, as it was too revealing.

Asus ROG Announces ROG Master 2017 Tournament And APAC Qualifiers

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 Rog Master Tournament

Asus ROG Master 2017 Tournament, where players can participate in 2 games, Counter Strike: Global Offensive & Dota2 and earn a prize pool of INR 32,000,000.

E3 2017: Square Enix Will Announced Microsoft Exclusive Three New Titles

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E3 2017: Square Enix

Square Enix is going to announce three new games Microsoft Exclusive for PC and PS4 according to a game catalog updated on Amazon Italy.

Ubisoft Not So Iconic E3 2017 Teaser Gives A Glance of Upcoming Titles

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 Ubisoft Teaser E3

Ubisoft Not So Iconic E3 2017 Teaser Gives A Glance of Upcoming Titles and unannounced IP.

E3 2017 Floor Plan Leaked, Microsoft To Have Smaller Space Than 2016

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E3 2017 Floor Plan Leaked

The initial Floor Plan of E3 2017 has been leaked, and it seems like Microsoft is going to have a smaller space than 2016.

E3 2017 Will Be Open To Public, Here's How To Buy Tickets And Price

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E3 2017 Tickets - How To Buy

E3 2017 is going to be bigger as the organisers have announced that the event will be open to general public. Book you ticket now as there is a $100 early  early bird discount available on February 13.