Evolution talks about DriveClub release date, more clarification on Microtransactions, compatible racing wheel

Today, Evolution Studios’ Paul Rustchynsky has shared some new details regarding Playstation 4 exclusive DriveClub’s release date, micro-transaction and racing wheels that will be compatible with the game.

DriveClubPaul Rustchynsky said DriveClub will launch in 2014, but apart from this he can’t say anything: “Still coming 2014, unfortunately I can’t share any more.” and added, “I wish I could provide a timeframe, but I can’t say anything right now.”

Paul went on to clarify that DriveClub will indeed feature content that players will be able to purchase but there will not be any consumbles. “To be clear on microtransactions, DRIVECLUB will of course offer content to purchase/download. But there will not be any ‘consumables’.”

Last but not the least, Paul confirmed that Thrustmaster T80 & T500RS racing wheels will be compatible with DriveClub, but details about other models he can’t say anything.

“At this stage I can only confirm what we have already announced. The Thrustmaster T80 & T500RS.”

There you have it folks DriveClub is indeed coming to Playstation 4 in 2014, but for exact release date you have to wait.