F1 2015 Doesn’t Include Career Mode and Won’t Be Updated To Add It, Feature Returning in F1 2016

If you have bought a copy of F1 2015, with no doubt you have already discovered that the game is not supporting a proper Career Mode, where you start from the ground up an entire new career with an unknown driver and reach the top of the circus with him, changing team at the end of each seasons if you want.

F1 2015

This is very disappointing, as every chapter in the Codemasters series has always had a Career Mode and it’s been surely enough the most appreciated mode in the years. Game director Paul Jeal has explained to Red Bull the reason of this exclusion, adding that the mode is going to return in F1 2016, together with the Classic Mode.

“The other two things we’ve done before. Classic content was something that was in 2013. It was a huge licensing undertaking but it’s definitely something we want to do again in the future. Career mode isn’t in 2015 – we felt like we weren’t able to put career mode to the level we wanted, so that’s something we’re also looking at.”

Jeal also admitted that for the next iteration of the franchise the team will be working on character models, that according to the director need to be improved in comparison with F1 2015’s.

“There are a number of tweaks we’d like to make anyway in terms of what it looks like, too. I think our character models are still a certain way away from how I’d like it to look, from perhaps what the other top, top sports games look like. That’s obviously a big investment as predominantly we’re a racing company. We do the racing part, but F1 is one of those few games that bridge sports with racing.”

When our review is out, you will see what’s our take on this disappointing episode, with Codemasters not including one of the most anticipated mode in its Formula One game. Meanwhile, it’s your turn to express your opinion in the comments section below.