F1 2015 Tech Analysis: Xbox One Version Not Running At 1080p, PC Version Slightly Wins Over PS4


F1 2015 is not running at 1080p on Xbox One, according to Digital Foundry. Based on its tech analysis, the popular team at Eurogamer has confirmed the game runs at the resolution of 1440×1080, with a light horizontal upscale while playing. PlayStation 4 version regularly stays up to the 1080p expectation.

F1 2015

On both the consoles, Codemasters has managed to introduce a similar SMAA profile to the PC release, when talking about anti-aliasing, including an additional temporal component.

Frame-rate is almost rock solid to 60fps, it seems, even though the developer had to make some sacrifices to achieve this result:

“Overall, it seems that the challenge of targeting 60fps has had a clear knock-on effect to the overall presentation: some elements – such as the level of geometry detail – appear suitable complex and comparable with the competition, but the range of effects work and lighting can look a little ‘last-gen’ by comparison outside of the rainy races.

Neither console delivers the near faultless 60fps experience we were hoping for, but out of the two it’s the PS4 version that provides smoother gameplay with fewer intrusive visual inconsistencies, making it the best version to buy given the choice. However, despite the more noticeable screen-tear and judder, the Xbox One game remains highly playable, owing to responsive controls produced by consistent frame delivery. In this regard, Codemasters’ decision to employ adaptive v-sync is the right one”

Looking at the graphics and performances, PC version of course wins the race with PS4 and Xbox One, even though it made it only slightly:

“From a graphical and performance perspective the PC version easily comes out on top. The gameplay experience looks and feels more polished when combined with stable frame-rates and image consistency free from any tearing, while the ability to dial back post-process effects is a nice bonus too. However, despite the technical benefits on offer, there are an alarming amount of reports of a number of serious issues that impact the PC version. A look at the complaints on the Steam forums discuss many game-breaking bugs and glitches.”

Which version of the game did you buy when it released a few days ago? Let us know in the comments if you are satisfied with it or you would change it with another.