F1 2017 Will Run At Checkboard 4K, 60FPS On PS4 Pro, Packed fp16 ALU Benefits Also Revealed

Codemasters today detailed what all graphical improvements will come with F1 2017 PlayStation 4 version. First and the foremost thing, F1 2017 will run at 3840 x 2160p i.e 4K resolution achieved via the famous checkerboard-rendering technique. What about the FPS i.e frame-rate per second? it’s smooth 60FPS. “we found PS4 Pro’s built-in enhancements for checkerboard rendering made the technique much more efficient, leaving valuable GPU time to spend on other visual upgrades.”

F1 2017 PS4 Pro Enhancements

In addition to this, F1 2017 will come with full HDR (High Dynamic Range) support on PlayStation 4 Pro. This means players will get to experience crisper, true-to-life colors and a brighter, more natural representation of real-world lighting conditions. Apart from these major graphical features, F1 2017 players can also look forward to improved environment reflections and enhanced shadow precision, the two big features that will push the game to offer the more realistic look and feel.

The packed fp16 ALU operations in PlayStation 4 Pro helped the development at Codemasters to improve track shaders. “Packed fp16 ALU operations, which are unique to the PS4 Pro in the console space, offer us a very powerful tool for optimizing shaders, allowing us to enhance CU occupancy and reduce overall instruction count” explained Codemasters.

Last but not the least, if you own a PlayStation 4 Pro and a 1080p TV, don’t worry you are not left behind – as there will be a hugely-improved image quality thanks to down-sampling i.e. a process that will offer a finely-detailed 1080p image from the full the 4K render. In short, there is a lot of graphical improvements in F1 2017 PlayStation 4 Pro version.