Fable Legends Announced For PC With Cross-Platform & DX12 Support, New 1080p Screens and Trailer Released

Fable Legends

Microsoft and Lionhead’s has just announced that Fable: Legends will arrive on our beloved platform PC alongside Xbox One version. Furthermore, Fable: Legends will also support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One versions.

Fable Legends

This move of cross-platform play is said to be a wider, bringing together the PC and Xbox environments with Windows 10 operating system, which is scheduled to launch later this, as the base.

In addition to this, Microsoft also stated that Fable: Legends will support their upcoming new API tech, DirectX 12. You can check out some brand new 1080p in-game screenshots and trailer below. Fable: Legends will arrive later this year, exact release date has not been announced yet.

Fable Legends unites the classic gameplay that players have come to love from the series with next-generation gaming capabilities. For the first time, players can grab your friends and go on adventures together. Heroes can cooperatively discover the quests and stories of Albion. Or, play the villain and mastermind the game in real time.