Fallout 4 Mod Tools Won’t Be Released On PS4 and XB1, More Info On Pip-Boy Edition Availability Revealed

Many Fallout fans are happy to know that for the very first time in the franchise history mods created for the PC version of Fallout 4 will be playable on consoles i.e PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I hope you guys have read the sentence pretty clear, if not, here is exactly what I wanted to say (and officially confirmed by Pete Hines via Twitter) with respect to console modding. Fallout 4 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version buyers will only be able to mods from PC version of the game, they won’t get mod tools to create mods. Fallout 4 mods will be playable on consoles, only PC gamers will receive Fallout 4 mod tool, it won’t be released for PS4 and Xbox One, as confirmed by Pete Hines in a recent Twitter conversation with a fan.

Fallout 4

When asked by Twitter user “Christian Vazquez”: So referring to console modding, are we gonna be able to do everything a PC can do? Hines replied: “mods will be playable on consoles. The mod tools will not be released on console.”

In addition to this, Hines also clarified whether or not more Fallout 4 Pip-Boys edition will be made available in future (like recently Bethesda Store starting taking pre-orders for this special limited edition). When asked: “will we see any more pip boys? Really dying to buy one!”

Hines replied: “only if a retailer has cancellations or other reasons some come available (they held some in reserve) and they offer them”

Fallout 4 is scheduled to launch on November 10.