Fallout 4’s XP System Working Revealed: There Are 275 Separate XP Levels, One For Each Individual Perk

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Some interesting new details has been revealed related to the working of Fallout 4 in the latest issue of OPM. The publication confirmed that Fallout 4 will have 275 separate XP levels, and one for each individual perk.

Fallout 4

Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine (interview posted in the latest issue), Bethesda rep said:

“You’ll still level up via XP, and each level increase will still give you a point to spend on a perk, but now those perks have varying XP levels of their own. It’s perk-ception, essentially, and means that, should you theoretically play long enough to max out every tier of every single one gaining untold buffs and no doubt all kinds of horrendous real-world illnesses in the process – you’ll top off with a total of 275.” said OXM.

In simple term this means, in Fallout 4, each individual perk will carry its own XP levels and it will be tied into player’s overall XP rank. In other words this also means that Fallout 4 will offer potentially more play time that Fallout 3 because players will likely get incentives for leveling up certain perks which will results in playing the game multiple times.

Fallout 4 is scheduled to launch on November 10, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.