Fallout Shelter Has Save Data Corruption Bug, Here’s How You Can Get Refunds For All Affected Items

Fallout Shelter players are experiencing nasty Save Data Corruption bug. There are many report on Reddit confirming that this Save Data Corruption bug is a wide-spread issue and is not limited to any one platform: i.e. this bug has been reported on both iOS and Android.

Fallout Shelter

Reddit user Dingleberry_Jones said: “So I was enjoying Fallout Shelter on Android but today when I went to start it it just would quit before the main menu. Upon further investigation my save file is now 0KB, meaning it somehow got corrupted. But I did purchase lunchboxes so I guess just wasted my money.”

Another user named “B0B0oo7” said: “I was sending out a dweller to explore, and right as I dropped him on the wasteland a raider attack started. My game froze and shutdown. I’ve been unable to open the save since. I’ve tried closing the app/powering off the ipad but it hasnt helped.”

Going_Hamm replied to B0B0oo7: “This just happened to me actually. I was removing a dead dweller from the wasteland and my game just crashed. Tried reloading it a couple of times and it goes to the menu page and just stops working. Tried restarting my phone and that didn’t help either. Hopefully they send a bug fix update or something soon. I had 160 dwellers”

Bethesda has not yet released any press statement on this issue. We expect them that they provide a fix for Fallout Shelter Save Data Corruption Bug as soon as possible.

Thankfully, it seems like Android players can ask for a instant refund from Google Play for Fallout Shelter Save Data Corruption bug. According to details shared by Reddit user Coconuttery:

“If you’re playing it on Android and your save game got corrupted, you should be able to request refunds on all affected items and get instant refunds”

Link to request refunds:

Click the icon on the right of the affected item

Click “Report a problem”

Choose the last option in the drop down

Describe the save game corruption bug and that you want a refund