Fan to file Lawsuit over Mass Effect 3 Ending


Now things are really getting out of hands and fans are going to the lowest level possible to show their anger against Bioware and EA. One Mass Effect 3 fan (Name: “SLICKK” ) is planning to file a law suit against Bioware and EA over Mass Effect 3 controversial ending.

Mass Effect 3Here is what SLICKK has to said about Mass Effect 3 ending on BioWare forums:

“Whether or not you enjoyed the conclusion to Mass Effect 3 (personally I feel
it tarnished an otherwise masterful series) please take a look at the
pre-release quotes below from websites and interviews with the game’s
developers, writers and producers.

Does all that talk of meaningful player choice, multiple significantly
different endings and closure for the characters and series not seem,
at the very least, strange?

I believe Bioware can be legitimately accused of, at best, fudging the
truth if not outright deceit given the inconsistency between notions
of choice, closure etc. expressed before the game was released and
the ending as it currently stands.

In my opinion Bioware produced a badly written, ill-conceived shambles
of an ending riddled with plot holes and logical inconsistencies but
even if you loved the final moments of this great game do you really
think what was stated in the interviews below has been proved true?

Maybe Walters, Gamble, Hudson et al will be proved right when a decent
ending is released via (presumably free) DLC that explains the
original ending was just some sort of hallucination/indoctrination.
I’m not holding my breath waiting for that though.”

Last week a fan filed FTC complaints against EA over Mass Effect 3 ending, however he did not receive much support from other fans and got good trashing on all this (you can check out comments on this post: Fan filing FTC complaints against EA after Mass Effect 3 ending).

How much support this “SLICKK” will get from other Mass Effect 3 fans for this lawsuit only time will tell.

Are you supporting “SLICKK” for his lawsuit against EA and Bioware over Mass Effect 3 ending?, let us know your views in the comment section below.