Fans Demand “Friends Hackable” Feature in Watch Dogs, Starts Online Petition

Watch Dogs

Yesterday, Ubisoft confirmed that Day One sales of their recently released open world title, Watch Dogs is higher than any other Ubisoft title ever. This clearly proofs that whatever Ubisoft Montreal offered their fans in Watch Dogs they are enjoying it very much. But still Watch Dogs community are demanding few additional features as well such as “ability to hack friends”.

Reddit user “Jannikn” have started an online petition on “Change Org” demanding the same. Whether Ubisoft will take a note of this only time will tell. At the time of writing, the petition has received “493” signatures (initial target is 1000).

In the petition, Jannikn states: “If you’ve played Watch_Dogs and have a friend who also plays Watch_Dogs, you’d know that you cannot invade the world of your friend and hack him. Some people say it’s because it could be exploited for easy notoriety.”

“Ubisoft, just make a damn friends version of it. So that you get either no exp, or like 10% exp of what you normally do.”

If you want this “Friends Hackable” feature in Watch Dogs, support this petition here. Tell us in the comment section below anyother thing you want Ubisoft to add or change in Watch Dogs?