Far Cry Primal 2015 Reveal Trailer vs Final PS4 Build Comparison Shows Graphical Downgrade

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Far Cry Primal is just a few hours away from its official launch worldwide. The game looked absolutely amazing when Ubisoft first unveiled it, everything was next to perfect: starting from graphical features, lighting, character models and many others. YouTube user Cycu1 decided to compare Far Cry Primal 2015 Trailer vs PS4 version Final Retail build to check whether or not there were some graphics downgrade. You can watch the comparison video below, definitely some of the graphical features have been toned down but the downgrade is not as severe as in the case of Watch Dogs. Foggy textures of ground, background trees, lesser shadows, less detailed grass.

Far Cry Primal

Also, the textures seem to be lower resolution and there are definitely some missing volumetric fog effects. However, this isn’t like a Watch Dogs case as those graphical aspects will most likely be in the PC version’s higher more demanding settings, not just fake graphics they have in pre-release builds to make the trailers look good like with Watch Dogs and to some extent the two new Tom Clancy games.

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