Few Drastic The Last Guardian Gameplay Issues Reported In E3 2016 Preview, Might Disappoint PS4 Players


Needless to say, The Last Guardian is one of the most anticipated games ever, and it’s finally release this October exclusively for PlayStation 4. We’ve been so afraid of never seeing this title launch that we almost forgot to really check how it is shaping up. Now that the release date is getting closer and closer, we have a chance to see what’s good and what’s bad with it.

The Last Guardian

First, we have to report some issues described in a VG247 preview from the E3 2016, based on a five minute work in progress demo showcased at Sony private booth. Take a look at what Patrick Garratt had to say in his article just appeared on the website.

“The control prompt to the boy’s climbing action was wrong, meaning I couldn’t climb up onto a shelf to get a barrel of food for my feathery friend. Configuring the controller with the triangle button as jump is fine provided that’s what you’re told, but there’s a second part to the motion, a grab performed with R1, and if you don’t press it the boy’s hand releases the ledge.

The prompt itself showed only triangle and the left stick, meaning I was forced to ask the producer how to progress. He told me the prompt was “work in progress”. I mean, this was less than five minutes into the demo. Later on, I came across two more occasions where I became stuck and seriously couldn’t figure out what to do. Both were related to physical mechanics, not narrative.”

So it really looks like Sony and Team ICO should keep working on The Last Guardian to offer it at the quality players are expecting it to be once launched in a few months from now.

It must be noted Garratt is reporting the build could be pretty old and so not very representative of the game which will actually arrive on the shelves in October.