FFVII Remake Big Info Blow Out Incoming Soon, Square Enix Shares New Kingdom Hearts III Details

Kingdom Hearts III Leaker Caught

Game director Tetsuya Nomura has provided a few new details about the titles in the works at Square Enix, in particolar the Kindgom Hearts upcoming games and Final Fantasy VII Remake. From now on, be sure you don’t read what follows if you don’t want to meet your dear friends, mr. spoilers.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

About Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2

  • The demo we saw at E3 is taken straight up from the beginning of the game.
  • 0.2 will include more than one playable Disney world and every world will have different gimmicks. In Enchanted Castle, we have to collect “gears” to manipulate time and restore the town.
  • Spoiler: Cinderella’s castle won’t be playable, once Aqua enters the castle she will find herself in another world consumed by darkness.
  • The only way to make Aqua stronger in the game is to level up, since there won’t be multiple keyblades.
  • There will be side content for completionists.
  • Nomura said in a past interview that the game had a length similar to a regular Kingdom Hearts world, but now that he’s played the final game, he says people will be surprised at the duration. It’s definitely not a 30 minute demo.

About Kingdom Hearts III

  • Both Dream Drop Distance and 0.2 act as a prologue to KH3. He says he wanted the tutorial section from KH3 to be shorter than KH1 (the opening at Destiny Islands and Traverse Town) and KH2’s (Roxas’ story), so he put all this story elements on these two prequels so we would start KH3 without any need to listen to long explanations about what’s happening.
  • KH3 begins abruptly, people will be left wondering “what is Sora doing here?”. He wants new players into the series to follow along, but also wants to reward people who have been following every piece of the story.
  • The way KH3D and 0.2 end give hints about how KH3 begins. KH3D spoilers: The game ends with Sora revisiting the Realm of Sleep and training there to be a Keyblade Master.
  • The next piece of information about Kingdom Hearts 3 will be shared around KH2.8’s release.
  • Next year marks the 15th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise and he’s planning plenty of things to celebrate it. Nomura will share more details about it in August.

About Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD

  • There will be new Dream Eaters in the HD remaster. Every Dream Eater included in the 3DS version will be available, even those obtained through AR cards.
  • The game will run at 60fps.
  • They reworked the touch screen mechanics to work in the regular PS4 controller.

About the Kingdom Hearts χ games: chi, Unlimited and Back Cover

  • We can expect Kingdom Hearts 3 cutscenes to look as good as χ Back Cover.
  • The Master of Foretellers is revealed to be the black coated figure that appears in the trailer.
  • He’s happy about the reception Unchained χ has had overseas.
  • The PC version of regular KHχ will end its servers this September. The last story update is scheduled to go online this August. Players will only have one month to play the ending and finish the story.
  • The story of KHχ (PC) and KH Unlimited χ (iOS/Android) will split soon.
  • As of now, we’ve experienced “Season 1” of the overall χ story. Once KHχ ends, “Season 2” will begin on KH Uχ.
  • As of which story is the canon one, he says he can’t talk about it yet, he wants us to find out playing the game. Note: KHχ is exclusive to Japan and there are no plans to localize it.
  • KHUχ will still receive support and story updates for a long time, even after Back Cover is released.

About Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • The game is coming along well, Nomura wants us to not worry about it just because he hasn’t shared info about it in a while.
  • The timing for the next piece of information about VIIR hasn’t been decided yet but he wants it to be a big info blow out instead of just sharing small details.

It is good to hear Square Enix has big plans for both the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy franchises. The philosophy behind the timings of its announcements could be a bit disappointing at times, but it is ok in our opinion to have more relevant news although there should be more months (and even years) between each info blowout.

Kingdom Hearts III is hopefully releasing in 2017. Final Fantasy VII is said to be episodic but we don’t know when this new “series” will begin.