FFXV Is Not Taking Full Advantage Of PS4 Pro, Tabata Still Promises Better Graphics

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to launch on November 29. It will be also available on PlayStation 4 Pro. Today, Speaking with our friend at GameBlog France, Game Director Hajime Tabata shared new details regarding PS4 Pro version of Final Fantasy XV: what all things fans can expect at launch including graphical improvements.

FFXV Won't Take Full Advantage Of PS4 Pro

Tabata revealed that the development team behind Final Fantasy XV came to know about PlayStation 4 Pro a bit late and hence they were unable to take the full advantage of the specs, the new hardware comes with, and this is the reason why they haven’t shown anything satisfying to fans.

However, Tabata assured Final Fantasy community that the PS4 Pro patch for Final Fantasy XV will be available on November 29, and the game will look beautiful. In short, what Tabata wanted to convey is that the development team got very little time with PlayStation 4 Pro, however, they gave their best to the PS4 Pro port of Final Fantasy XV and the improvements will be visible.

I can’t say much about PS4 Pro version, but can give you guys a glimpse of how the final retail build of FFXV will look on PS4 via direct-feed gameplay video and comparison screenshot.