FFXV Main Quest To Feature Around 50 Hours Of Content, Up To 200 Hours With Side Quests


Role-playing games are usually evaluated considering a few standard parameters, including longevity. So, given that Final Fantasy XV is one of the most anticipated RPG in the last few decades, Square Enix has to make sure they ship a title which is capable of meeting people’s expectations when it comes to how many hours we’ll be playing it.


It seems that, according to the team, there will be about 50 hours of gameplay coming from the main story alone, which gets around 100 hours of additional content from the side-quests and extra missions/NPC’s requests.

“The team anticipates 40-50 hours of gameplay just for the main story, but there are a lot of side-quests and other extra things. Just the extra stuff alone is about 100 hours of gameplay. The whole game, everything included, is probably going to sum up to about 200 hours. A lot of gamers have been waiting for a long time, so the team wanted to make sure that they will have a whole lot of content to enjoy.”

It’s good Square Enix has understood people have a certain degree of anticipation and consideration for whatever releases under the Final Fantasy brand. Anyway, there’s one more thing we’re worried about, which is the quality of that content. Hopefully, this is not something like the hours we spent almost helpless in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, and looking at the various demos released so far (Episode Duscae, Episode Duscae 2.0 and the Platinum Demo) it seems we could be pretty sure that’s not happening again.