FFXV On XB1 Uses Dynamic Resolution Between 800p and 900p, On PS4 It Is Between 900p and 1080p: Dev


Final Fantasy XV is in the last few stages of development, and despite the release date being so close – it’s out on September 30 – it doesn’t look like Square Enix has everything already set up in terms of graphics quality and frame rate.

Final Fantasy XV

According to director Hajime Tabata, his team is constantly working on frame rate in order to prevent fps count to encounter dips at around 26-27 frames per second when the party commands are activated by the players. Tabata is not particularly worried about this, since the frame rate is already much better in comparison with Episode Duscae and Platinum Demo, and those dips are not even met so much frequently throughout gameplay.

In terms of resolution, things get a bit more complicated. Square Enix has opted for a dynamic resolution on both PS4 and Xbox One versions, with the latter ranging between 800p and 900p, and the first between 900p and 1080p. This is a pretty common solution nowadays for console games, as it allows developer to offer more consistent experiences during combat sections and other crowdy gaming situations.

Moreover, temporal anti-aliasing is implemented every few frames in order to keep the processing load manageable. So it really looks like Square Enix is doing all it can just to keep PS4 and Xbox One versions running as good as it can. Will it be enough? We’ll probably find out only on September 30.