FFXV Patch 1.10 Survey Ask You To Vote For New Story Content – The World Of Ruin, Ardyn’s Past, And More

Square Enix today released Patch 1.10 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The update added a lot of new things, including a new Taiwanese recipe, various bug fixes, and many other. The one thing that caught our eyes was the addition of a new survey in the game. In order to access it you have to first update the game to version 1.10 (i.e. download and install the latest update), and then go to the “Special” menu, you will be given the access to the survey.

FFXV Patch 1.10 Survey

The survey is about what story content you want the development team to add in Final Fantasy XV via a future update. The deadline for the survey is June 2017, and one player can vote for just ONE TIME, and select just ONE CHOICE. So make sure you vote for the story content that you want the most. Here are the options Square Enix has provided in the survey.

  • Story content: Ardyn’s Past.
  • Story content: Lunafreya’s Activities.
  • Story content: Cor’s Activities.
  • Story content: the line of Lucis.
  • Story content: Ifrit’s Betrayal.
  • Story content: The World of Ruin.
  • Story content: Noctis’ Disappearance.
  • Playable Character: Cor.
  • Playable Character: Aranea.
  • Playable Character: Iris.
  • Playable Character: Lunafreya.
  • Playable Character: Gentiana.
  • Additional mode: Hard Difficulty.
  • Upgrade: Improved Armiger Abilities.
  • Upgrade New stat-changing magic.

Let us know in the comment section below which one are you going to select? I have voted for World of RUIN.

Final Fantasy XV Survey Image 1

Final Fantasy XV Survey Image 2