FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Update now available

EA Sports just a while ago released the much awaited FIFA 11 Ultimate Team update, this new update is now availalble for download. According to the publisher this new update includes 2 new friend list releated features plus more than 50 refinements.

Fix included in the updates are, auction will be more easier to track or repost expired items, in an online match power passing assistance switched off by default and many more.

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team

You can check out the complete change log here, and for details about new features read below:

Play A Friend Challenge

Play A Friend Challenge enables you to test your skills against your friend’s Ultimate Team, even when your friend isn’t online. Take on your friend’s squad whenever you like with the CPU controlling their squad. Results are recorded and presented to your friend the next time they log on to their console. Now you can prove who has the best Ultimate Team whenever you are ready to play. Plus, when you return to your console, you can see who played your squad, left you a message, and challenge them to a rematch when you want to play.

Friends Leaderboards

Compare your progress in FIFA 11 Ultimate Team against friends automatically with personalized leaderboards. Catering to how you choose to play, you can now compete and compare your progress as a trader, expert team builder, top entrepreneur in the auctions, or owner of the most valuable club.