Final Fantasy VII Remake Vs 1997 Vs 2005 Versions Of The Square Enix JRPG: Which Is Better?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is among the most criticized and anticipated game of the last few years, and there’s no doubt it will be a tough challenge for it to live up to both the original Squaresoft title and the hype coming from the huge fan base.

Final Fantasy VII

Looking at how it is shaping up, by the way, it seems that at least from a graphical standpoint we can be glad of what Square Enix is doing right now. From the trailer we have seen at the PlayStation experience, in fact, it really seems the Remake is coming along with great graphics and a high level of fidelity in regards of the original 1997 JRPG.

Just look at the GIFs shared by a user from Neogaf (link provided below). They put into comparison three versions of the game. The first is the original, 1997 role-playing game crafted by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Still great looking in our opinion, it was one of the last games to come along with that visual style before the photorealism took over the video games industry.

Then we have 2005, a tech demo used to showcase the power of PlayStation 3 – yes, they were playing with our feelings back in the days, just before the new Remake was announced at E3 2015.

Finally, there’s the Final Fantasy VII Remake: great PS4-moved graphics and Cloud who really looks to be the perfect match for the two previous versions of the title. And, looking at all of that good stuff moving in real-time, well, it seems Square Enix knows what it’s doing when it says the game needs to be split into several parts to run without cuts.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Vs 1997 Vs 2005 Vs 2015 Gif