Square Enix teases Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age announcement


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, the updated high-definition remaster of the PlayStation release, sold a whopping 1 million units. As such, Square Enix is holding a livestream to commemorate the milestone with a message that it could feature an announcement that “will make fans happy.” 

There’s no word yet as to what that might be, however. We’ll have to wait until Nov. 28 at 8 PM JST (6am ET), where the stream will be broadcast via NicoNico Live. Producer Hiroaki Kato will be on-hand during the stream, as will Vaan and Penelo’s voice actors, Kouhei Takeda and Marina Kozawa. Unnamed special guests will be there as well. 

As far as what the surprise announcement may entail, there aren’t any clues yet. Hopefully another remaster is in order, which would certainly put a lot of smiles on faces, as long as the game in question is one that people are clamoring to see more of.

Speaking of Final Fantasy remasters, there’s yet to be additional news coming out about the Final Fantasy VII remake project. An update on that would certainly make people happy, but that kind of announcement from this stream is unlikely. We can still hope, though.