Final Fantasy XIII PC was Locked at 720p, Playable at 4K with Patch


After releasing a disappointing resolution figure for the PC port of Final Fantasy XIII, here is a tiny ray of hope for the Final Fantasy PC gaming community. It was expected that Square Enix has paved a path for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV, but the Locked-at-720p news came as a huge blow, did Square Enix only care about the PC version of their games?

The following image was posted by Reddit’s member ‘allworknoplaytoday’, showing the in-game options, which does not include any option for changing the game’s resolution.


But then came Durante to the rescue, he showed interest in the matter and also promised to look into it. Final Fantasy XIII PC is also locked at 60fps, which is an advantage. It was later known that Durante is working on a patch for improveing the resolution of this game.

The beta version of Durante’s GeDoSaTo tool is now available which will allow players to use resolutions up to 4K for Final Fantasy XIII PC. Tell us in the comment section below, will you use Durante’s Patch for Final Fantasy XIII.