Final Fantasy XIV Major Patch Update Available Now

Square Enix has released a major patch update for their MMO Final Fantasy XIV, which will fix various issue faced by the gamers, details of it is listed below.

Since its release the MMO has faced major criticisms from gamers because of which Square Enix was forced to increased the trail period inorder to keep gamers onside so that they can figure out the issue and address it.


Yoichi Wada, CEO of Square Enix said “We’re quickly working on reforms. We’d like to put our full power into regaining trust. If we satisfy our users, they will return. On the other hand, once the users say, ‘forget this,’ there’s no turning back. We can only recover our trust so far.”

Here is the major issue fix by this patch update:

  • Physical and magic accuracy calculations have been adjusted. Attacks are now easier to land and more difficult to resist.
  • Facing a target to attack is now automated when an action is selected.
  • When engaging multiple enemies, a player now automatically targets the next enemy when one has been defeated.
  • New enemy types have been added.
  • Enemy populations in all areas have been increased and reorganized.
  • Player inventory capacity has been increased from 80 to 100 slots.
  • Smallclothes no longer suffer wear, and therefore no longer require repairs.
  • Response time of the user interface (UI) has been improved.
  • Prices will now be displayed next to individual items in retainer and player bazaars.